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From the shop floor to the back office, manufacturing and automotive businesses have become highly complex and increasingly dependent on global operations, partnerships, and supply chains. Technology can play an important role for your enterprise, connecting every step from the first stage of R&D to the day your product hits the shelves or the road.

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  1. Tap into emerging technologies to Revolutionize your industry.

    The manufacturing and automotive industry is in the midst of revolutionary change. Advanced information and communication technologies can help you shorten lead times, place right-sized orders as needed, or customize products and vehicles.

    Along the way, you can remotely manage equipment, design more efficient operations, analyze new data sets, and defend against cyber threats. Capabilities like these can help you stay flexible in the midst of changing market conditions and meet the rapidly evolving wants and needs of your customers.

  2. Real solutions to help Solve your production challenges.

    From supply chain management to product distribution, innovations are reshaping manufacturing and automotive processes. Take mobility for example—more than 75% of manufacturers currently use or are planning to implement mobile technologies to boost operational excellence.1

    Improving flexibility.
    When you can respond more effectively to changing conditions, you stand out from the competition. Simplify and improve business operations from inventory control, distribution management, and supply chain automation, to employee training and customer interactions.
    Acting on insights.
    In the consumer products industry, many employees use mobile technology to perform inventory and distribution management functions. Protect your intellectual property from both internal and external threats by knowing the common methods used.

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    Moving to the cloud.
    With so much operational information coming online from smart devices and connected machines, how well will your infrastructure handle the data? Manufacturing and automotive solutions with cloud computing technology can help you grow and accommodate demand.

    Forecast demand using insights from big data
    Case studies.
    Pedigree Technologies and Sendum
    Track-and-trace solutions help improve efficiencies and minimize loss.
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    This international manufacturer revamped its communications strategy to expand globally.

    1Pamela Oldham, “Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy in Real Time,” IndustryWeek, August 9, 2011.

  • Discover the primary security threats in manufacturing.

    Improve your data security by better understanding three attack patterns common to the manufacturing industry, accounting for 68% of incidents last year.

  • Speak with an expert in manufacturing and automotive.

    Our expertise can help you address industry challenges and create new opportunities.

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Core Technologies

See how our solutions are helping reinvent the manufacturing and automotive industry.

A secure, reliable network is the backbone of manufacturing and automotive companies, enabling disparate technologies to work together and communicate seamlessly across your entire supply chain.
Intelligent Networking

Cloud technology helps you expand computing resources and quickly provide new services for your customers. This flexibility frees your IT staff from the ongoing expense of in-house support—and maintains availability when outages arise.

With operations spread across the globe, access to information needs to be available anywhere at any time. Mobility solutions help connect the diverse parts of your supply chain, so you can collaborate and share intelligence.
Mobile Workforce

Get an accurate view of equipment and your overall supply chain with connected machines and sensors, which deliver real-time information about product performance and user behavior.
Connected Machines

Protect your data and sensitive customer information, whether it’s stored in the cloud or moving throughout your supply chain between customers and suppliers.

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