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Get diverse colocation and cloud services for data protection and cost control. Our Hong Kong data center is strategically located and isolated from densely populated areas for strong security.

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Hong Kong Data Center


House your network and IT resources in our Hong Kong data center. Strategically located in a secure area and isolated from central Hong Kong, this data center is designed to meet the power, space, and bandwidth-intensive application needs of today’s multinational organizations.

Protect your equipment in the event of momentary fluctuations (spikes) and total power outages with our resilient power-system design. Multiple chiller units with N+1 redundancy and dedicated backup generators supply cold air to the data center. Inside the Hong Kong data center, a professional security staff maintains and operates an advanced, integrated security management system with surveillance cameras, biometric scanners, and secured areas for processing of staff, customers, and visitors.

With colocation services, we provide comprehensive service level agreements for network availability, latency, packet delivery, AC power availability, and environmental metrics.


  • Access to Embedded Global IP Network with Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity: Yes
  • Cabinets: 600 mm W x 1,200 mm D x 2,200 mm H
  • Redundancy: System+System across entire electrical system
  • Power: 3kVA and 6kVA cabinet power densities with redundant option
  • HVAC: Managed N+1 systems controlling data center environment
  • On-Site Technical Support Services: 24x7
  • Customer Staging and Equipment Storage: Yes


  • Integrated Security System for Comprehensive Electronic Surveillance: Yes
  • Two-Factor Access Control with Biometric and Electronic Access Card: Yes
  • Building Management System to Monitor and Manage Electrical, Security, and Mechanical Systems: Yes
  • Automated Fire Suppression: INERGEN gas-based
  • Aspirating Pre-Combustion and Smoke Detection: VESDA
  • Security Guards: 24x7

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