Singapore Data Center

Deploy your enterprise IT infrastructure at our Singapore data center for advanced security and cost control. Located along Singapore’s Technology Corridor, our discreet building is ideally suited for secure colocation.

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Singapore Data Center and Colocation

Secure your data and apps in CONTROLLED, RELIABLE ENVIRONMENT.

Stay connected through our Singapore data center—a carrier-neutral facility designed to reduce single points of failure and provide added redundancy to your growing organization.

The Singapore data center is secured by video surveillance, intruder detection, and access control systems managed 24x7 by a professional security team. Our operators maintain complete facility control via an innovative building management system that monitors environmental and mechanical support systems (cooling systems, UPS, generators, etc.).

Raised flooring accommodates all cable containment in a neat and unobtrusive manner for accurate tracking of cable connections. The floor void is also used to conduct air for cooling of cabinets in the data center.


  • 2 No. Main Incoming Supplies from 2 No. Transformers, Each Rated at 3,000 kVA: Yes
  • 2 No. Main Distribution Boards (A + B Dual Redundancy): Yes
  • 2 No. Main Distribution Boards Also Fed by 3 No. 1,500 kVA Generator Sets: Yes
  • Total Capacity of 2,000 kVA Consisting of 5 No. 400 kVA Static, Online, Synchronized UPS Units: Yes
  • Automatic Static Bypass Facility and Isolation Transformer (Providing N+1 Configuration): Yes
  • Carrier-Neutral Connections: SingTel, Starhub, and other service providers
  • HVAC: Managed N+1 systems controlling data center environment
  • On-Site Technical Support Services: 24x7


  • Integrated Security System for Comprehensive Electronic Surveillance: Yes
  • Two-Factor Access Control with Biometric and Electronic Access Card: Yes
  • Building Management System to Monitor and Manage Electrical, Security, and Mechanical Systems: Yes
  • Automated Fire Suppression: INERGEN gas-based
  • Aspirating Pre-Combustion and Smoke Detection: VESDA
  • Security Guards: 24x7

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