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Gain confidence that your data is secure and easily accessible from advanced online/off-site data backup and restore services for data centers, regional offices, existing IT infrastructure, and mobile users.

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Data Backup and Restore Services

Create network redundancy to easily access your data storage.

Streamline data backup and recovery while maintaining security, efficiency, and reliability. Verizon’s Backup and Restore services feature our on-site backup appliance that encrypts and de-duplicates your data before a secure transmission to off-site storage. Our onboard storage allows for 95 percent of restores to occur locally, at LAN speeds—which means little downtime for your operations. Further redundancy is also available with a secondary vault. And you can realize cost efficiencies by adding lower-tier archival storage for historical data.

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Reduce data backup failure rates.

Eliminate old tape-based backup solutions that can have a failure rate of 40 to 50 percent due to a combination of media reliability, system throughput, and simple human error. Our on-site/off-site solution is 100 percent disk-based, with a success rate in excess of 99 percent. We use RAID 5 storage with self-healing functionality that helps reduce data storage errors by cross-checking links, headers, and files.

Secure your data on-site before transmitting to storage.

Use our agentless, on-site data backup and recovery service, which includes encryption and security features. Data is first de-duplicated and encrypted to an on-site appliance at standards up to AES-256. After the encryption, the data is transmitted to remote storage vaults at one of our secure data centers—maintaining data security without overloading your WAN.

Cover a variety of operating systems and platforms.

Get support for a wide range of operating systems and file, mail, and database server platforms from our Backup and Restore service. Microsoft® Exchange Server is supported with full-agentless information store backup and restore, and message-level, self-service restoration of individual e-mails, folders, and contacts. We back up databases using application programming interfaces (APIs) without accessing the underlying files directly. We do this to avoid issues with open or locked files and to keep databases readily available.

Get multiple layers of data redundancy.

Replicate off-site data from a Verizon data center to a second facility for added redundancy—which helps maintain system reliability. An archival tier is also available to offload historical data to cost-efficient, long-term storage.

With our Backup and Restore features, you get:

  • Encrypted communication and storage data cleansing.
  • Agentless architecture.
  • Highly efficient WAN utilization.
  • Long-term archival storage tier.
  • Local and geographical de-duplication.
  • File search capabilities.
  • Multiple tiers of redundant storage.

Backup and Restore
Maintain your data’s reliability with secure, customized delivery and storage.
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