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Support your organization’s litigation team with a defensible and repeatable electronic discovery process. Verizon data-archiving experts are ready to assist you with discovery requirements and litigation support.

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eDiscovery Solutions and Data Archiving

Protect your organization and PROPERLY HANDLE POTENTIAL EVIDENCE.

Fine-tune your best practices in data archiving to help your organization easily and comprehensively discover crucial evidence in the event of a lawsuit. Improper or insufficient evidence handling can damage your organization’s reputation, but properly preserving your data can help you avoid possible penalties due to noncompliance. Our experience with digital discovery and data archiving can help you meet legal data-discovery timelines and support your organization’s defense.

Our eDiscovery Solutions and Data Archiving services include:

eDiscovery Readiness Assessment

Get assistance with translating litigation requirements into best practices to control discovery costs and improve readiness.

Data Collection and Early Case Assessment

Refine your evidence-collection processes and maintain a proper chain of custody by consolidating data into a single application.

Data Processing and Complex Analytics

Improve data-acquisition strategies to identify relevant data quickly and accurately with advanced filtering and culling techniques.

Document Retrieval

Use our hosted document management platform for secure, quick access to documents in native format.

Electronic Data Recovery

Retrieve and secure data that has been lost on various types of storage media with our file-restoration service.

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