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Mobilize a virtualized system to quickly retrieve your IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. A cloud-based replication service, Virtualized Disaster Recovery helps keep your IT resources ready to be deployed as needed.

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Virtual Disaster Recovery Services

Use on-demand cloud agility to deliver comprehensive virtual replication

Eliminate the complexity and expense of building your own disaster recovery (DR) virtualization infrastructure. Verizon works with strategic providers—including VMware, Microsoft, HP, and Cisco—to deliver a multi-tenancy, virtual DR infrastructure that offers advanced levels of flexibility and scalability from the cloud.

Instead of investing in costly servers, the cloud allows you to configure and deploy processing, memory, networking, and storage capacity on demand. Its architecture makes your resources quickly available and ready to be deployed. You can purchase capacity and virtual machines for your secondary site but keep the resources turned down until an event when you need to failover.

Our Virtualized Disaster Recovery services allow you to replicate data, applications, and operating systems from their production environment into a secure, fully managed cloud computing environment located in a Verizon facility. You can then failover to a production-ready environment in the event of a catastrophic outage at your primary facility.

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With Verizon Virtualized Disaster Recovery, you can:

Manage cost and maintain resources in the cloud.
Replicate into a managed cloud-based computing environment to control capital expense and reduce management complexity. Our experts provide proven solutions that deliver reliable, repeatable, and predictable recovery highly available resources. We customize these solutions by seamlessly integrating our cloud-based virtual servers with networking solutions and colocation-based physical servers.
Recover your entire server onto our utility computing platform.
Employ our hypervisor-based replication service—an ideal solution if you’re using local storage or storage arrays without the required replication features. This replication service provides recovery of the entire server (operating system, applications, and data) onto our utility computing platform. You offload the task of designing, implementing, and operating the DR site resources and the replication and failover process.
Get data center protection for large array-based replication.
Depend on our array-based replication, which is best suited for environments with large numbers of physical or virtual servers. Many of our customers rely on array-based replication into our proven virtual DR framework, which provides full data center protection. In our facility, you can replicate your data into an equivalent disk array with compatible replication protocol.
Get off-site, reliable replication for your enterprise applications.
Generate very low recovery requirements. Some enterprise applications provide native replication capabilities that we can control to provide low recovery requirements. For these compatible applications, we provide off-site, reliable failover or active/active configurations, which continually receive data updates from the primary location.

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Protect your organization’s infrastructure with Virtualized Disaster Recovery.
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