Colocation Services and Hosting

Make your network installations quick and easy with Verizon Server Installation and Staging for Colocation Services. We provide skilled technicians to guide you through the installation, saving time and helping control costs.

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Server Installation and Server Staging Services

Help your network installations run more smoothly.

Verizon Installation for Colocation Services

Reduce the time needed to get your network up and running with server installation and server staging for colocation services. Our team of professionals can handle all your installation needs, including:

  • Receiving, staging, unpacking, and mounting of your network equipment and servers
  • Labeling equipment and cables
  • Logging equipment inventory using digital pictures
  • Installing racks, repositioning equipment, and deploying security appliances

Verizon Colocation Staging Services

Gain peace of mind during network installations with Verizon colocation staging services. Get network equipment shipped directly to any of our data centers for installation. Once the equipment arrives, our installation and staging specialists inspect, assemble, and test each piece, saving you deployment time.

Our colocation staging services feature:

  • A professional team of experts for all network rollouts and upgrades
  • The use of our high-tech staging lab for testing and installation to help reduce potential deployment issues
  • Verification that each system and piece of equipment functions according to specifications
  • A complete inventory list containing all equipment serial numbers and other important information
  • Complete labeling of all units used in the deployment

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Our colocation services offer controlled and managed data center space with myriad connectivity options.
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