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Get the right amount of control, support, and enterprise security with around-the-clock managed services. Transform your operations using flexible, agile, utility-enabled virtual platforms or dedicated resources all the way up the stack.

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Managed Hosting: Server Hosting

Maintain performance and free up internal resources.

Host your infrastructure and mission-critical applications in our top-tier facilities, with customized connectivity, security, architecture, and support. Through dedicated server hosting, we deliver high levels of availability, physical security, power, environmentals, and control systems—backed by comprehensive service level agreements. Our Managed Hosting Services are built to satisfy even government standards for security— and engineered to help you meet the exacting customer requirements.

Featuring diverse connectivity to some of the most important global networks, many of our data centers let you provide enterprise applications to customers around the world. The Managed Hosting platform complies with EU privacy principles. And our hybrid capabilities enable you to leverage colocation services or cloud environments as needed.


With Managed Hosting Services, you can:

Achieve operational excellence.
Rapidly changing technology environments challenge IT departments to maintain properly trained technical staff at sufficient support levels. Our Managed Hosting and Application Management Services offload the daily operational requirements of infrastructure, backups, and application monitoring so that skilled corporate IT resources are more available to work on strategic and development projects.
Use resources efficiently.
Business applications often reside in organizational silos, with dedicated servers and networks each designed to support peak demand but largely underutilized. This unnecessarily drives up the costs of hardware, software, maintenance, operations, electricity, and data center space. Our virtualized infrastructure provides the low cost and flexibility to meet changing compute requirements.
Maintain service levels and costs.
Companies are under constant pressure to maintain and improve the availability, security, and performance of applications and infrastructure. High availability, for example, is a requirement for many enterprises, but typically requires redundant, enterprise-class hardware, which is expensive and difficult to manage. Our solution keeps costs in check by leveraging automation and shared knowledge acquired over 15 years of managing customer systems.
Get premium support.
A leader in Managed Hosting, Verizon has more than a decade of experience handling complex, transaction-intensive applications for companies around the world. We provide premium hosting services and support and our services are leveraged by organizations from Fortune 1000 companies, to leaders in Web 2.0 and federal agencies.

Managed Hosting Fact Sheet
Increase your capabilities and free up in-house staff using managed hosting services in our top-tier facilities.
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Improve the security of your IT resources with Verizon Managed Hosting, which has completed an SOC3 examination.
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