Custom fit cloud and storage to drive business innovation.


Cloud computing & storage services

Make cloud strategy your business plan.

The right cloud equation means you’ll spend less time managing technology and more time on what counts: exploring new ideas and more opportunities to innovate. Find the best way to use cloud to impact your business—whether it’s improving on-the-job processes, responding faster to customers, or driving expansion. Our cloud computing services put you in control of your infrastructure, and our teams are there to help every step of the way.

Plan a successful cloud strategy with:

  • Virtual private and private options.
  • Focused, driven approach to hybrid cloud.
  • Managed services for critical workloads.
  • Flexible cloud storage services.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Layers of security.
  • Global network connectivity.

Cloud compute

Find the right cloud model, and make it your own.

No two businesses use cloud computing services the same way. That’s why we offer three customizable cloud models. Choose from virtual private and private deployment options—then customize with flexible configurations, features and support. Set up multiple cloud spaces and manage them effortlessly from our cloud console. Our comprehensive platform enables you to make the right choices to fit your business demands, at the right time, in the right place, and for the right cost.

Cloud deployment models

Private cloud services

Cloud onboarding & professional services

Cloud managed services

Cloud storage

Protect your data, so it’s there when you need it.

Get the right data storage and tie it to your cloud. Our secure cloud storage services protect your data in the cloud, while flexible configurations let you tailor resources to your application and user needs. Replicate your data to help protect it from hardware or software failure; add security by encrypting information and managing who can access it. Beyond that, use your storage from virtually anywhere in the world over our global network. Gain peace of mind that your most valuable assets are there when and where you need them. Learn more about our cloud storage services.

Storage specifications

Cloud storage pricing

Cloud backup & recovery

Get back to business fast after unexpected events.

Natural disasters and human errors can lead to angry customers and a painful loss in revenue. Avoid costly downtime by recovering quickly with a reliable plan B: our cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions. We help you manage risk, control costs, address compliance and get to your valuable applications and data quickly and easily.

With cloud backup, you can store daily copies of your virtual machines and recover them in three simple steps. For more critical workloads, disaster recovery lets you copy your entire cloud to a secondary data center and activate it if your main site is unavailable. See which option you need.

Cloud disaster recovery

Cloud backup

Cloud applications

Shop the cloud. Skip the setup.

Start building on the cloud sooner with ready-to-run applications from our strategic providers. Find and purchase certified software tools for big-data management, security, network and development in our Cloud Marketplace. Once you have a cloud account, you have instant access to tools that help you address your operational and technological challenges.

Looking for Oracle on the cloud? As an authorized provider of Oracle software, we offer Oracle customers the ability to deploy and use Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server in Verizon Cloud environments.

Learn more about cloud applications.

Cloud Marketplace

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