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Cloud computing services

Find value in the cloud from an interconnected infrastructure.

The cloud can help you get your products and services to market faster and connect employees to customers virtually anywhere around the world. But many organizations still have disparate and divided IT systems and legacy investments to manage. How can you break down these walls so the data you need to make critical business decisions moves freely across your enterprise? An agile hybrid IT approach can help you get more value out of not only the cloud, but also every part of your infrastructure.

We can help you bridge together multiple clouds, colocation, hosting and your on-premises and legacy systems, with leading networking, storage and security solutions and our managed services. You’ll get compute and storage resources to meet your specific business requirements so you can improve on-the-job processes, respond faster to customers and drive business expansion. Our cloud computing services put you in control of your cloud and hybrid infrastructure with our team there to help you every step of the way.

Learn why it is time for hybrid IT

What’s holding back your use of cloud?

32% of organizations struggle to integrate cloud with other systems. Harvard Business Review’s new report explains why it’s time for hybrid IT.

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Cloud compute

Find the right cloud model, and make it your own.

No two businesses use cloud computing services the same way. That’s why we offer two adaptable cloud models. Choose from virtual private and private deployment options—then customize with flexible configurations, features and support. Set up multiple cloud spaces and manage them effortlessly from our cloud console. Our highly secure cloud platform lets you make the right choices to fit your business demands, at the right time, in the right place and for the right cost. Better yet, you can easily connect your Verizon Cloud workloads to our managed hosting and colocation services, a third-party partner or even to your existing IT. This is cloud on your terms.

Cloud deployment models

Private cloud computing services

Cloud onboarding and migration services

Cloud managed services

Data Assurance Services

Prepare for the unexpected to limit business disruptions.

Your IT infrastructure is widespread, a mix of everything from physical servers to cloud-based solutions. It keeps you agile; but when the unpredictable happens, you need to be sure the IT environment that powers your business can also protect your critical data. Limit costly downtime by recovering quickly with a reliable plan B: our Data Assurance Services. Using data virtualization technology, we can consolidate your many technologies, reduce operational complexity and provide needed storage capacity so you can keep data backed up. And we provide fast access to it through our cloud console, so when outages occur, your business can keep on moving.

Verizon Cloud Backup gives you easy-to-use backup and data protection across your on-premises, virtualized and cloud workloads. You can choose from three backup service tiers for the best option for your business. Our Utility Cloud Backup service fits variable-use workloads with short data-volume retentions. If you want predictable monthly charges and longer retention, our Protect service is your best bet. But if you have large data-volume and high physical security needs with custom data retention, our Premises-to-Cloud service is the one you want.

Verizon Cloud Disaster Recovery lets you replicate your Verizon Cloud workloads to a secondary data center and activate them if your main site is unavailable. You get simple and predictable pricing options. And all your data and apps get updated regularly so everything in production is quickly available and configured in the fully functional recovery site if your primary resources are interrupted.

Learn more about our data assurance services.

Cloud disaster recovery

Cloud backup

Oracle on the cloud

Get more choices in the cloud from Oracle and Verizon.

Looking to run Oracle on the cloud? Because we’re an authorized provider of Oracle software, Oracle customers can deploy and use Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server in Verizon Cloud environments.

Learn more about cloud computing services and applications.

Oracle on the cloud

Global data centers

Grow where you want. Create what you need.

As your business takes off around the world, you have to keep that momentum going. Stay innovative and ready to launch your next big idea as you expand your business. We can help make it happen with an IT infrastructure that’s diverse, yet interconnected and flexible enough to handle capacity on demand. In our cloud-enabled data centers around the globe, we can scale our cloud computing services quickly to help you serve customers virtually wherever they are.

From cloud computing services to managed hosting and colocation, you can maintain your network infrastructure, apps and data in our highly secure data centers across the globe. Each data center includes carrier-neutral connectivity options, advanced physical security standards and sound cybersecurity defenses.

We offer more than 50 cloud-enabled data centers in nearly 20 countries. We’re equipped to deliver on your global hybrid IT connectivity demands. And with our 10 top-tier Network Access Points (NAPs), you’ll have the fast connectivity required to stay agile around the world.

Networking is essential to create a hybrid IT environment. Our data centers provide the networking and cloud computing services you need. You can easily and securely connect your workloads to an ecosystem of cloud providers and your existing IT through a leading Private IP network with our Secure Cloud Interconnect. Through our Managed SD WAN services you get efficient access to secure and interconnected hybrid IT ecosystems. And our Unified Data Center Interconnect lets you connect your cloud workloads to our other IT infrastructure services—like managed hosting and colocation—so you can keep your infrastructure and data working together.

Our data center services can also help you:

  • Address security and data sovereignty compliance requirements.
  • Create secondary backup locations to support disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Run your business on one of the most reliable global IP networks.

Learn more about our data centers.

Global data center locations

Colocation services

Managed hosting

Energy-efficient data centers

Focus on the future with energy efficiency.

Our data centers have many energy-efficient features, including:

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designs that use flywheels instead of batteries, reducing the need for cooling
  • Speed-controllable fans enabling virtual containment to manage hot and cold aisles
  • Ambient cooling with economizers and dry coolers to limit use of energy-intensive chillers

Built for enterprise

Build on a platform built with the enterprise in mind.

It’s no secret that it takes speed and power to stay ahead of the competition. You can get it with a cloud platform that delivers the large-scale agility, flexibility, automation and infrastructure management that big business demands. Complex deployments? Unique requirements? Need your data locked up with strong security? Our cloud computing services can handle whatever you throw at them.

In fact, we’ve worked with thousands of enterprises and governments around the world to deliver cloud strategies that help them move faster and drive their organizations forward. Learn more about how our cloud solutions are built to give you the competitive edge you need to win.

Enterprise-class services

Not quite sure where to start?

Make our expert team part of your team. Take advantage of our migration tools and trusted experience to get your cloud off the ground sooner rather than later. Simply pick the level of support you need right now, knowing that our solutions for business come with the flexibility to quickly make changes to meet your needs.

Cloud onboarding and migration services

Cloud managed services

One-cloud solution

Complete task management, all on one platform.

Stop running your production applications in one cloud and developing them in another. Our solutions for business bring all of your IT tasks together on one platform. This means you have the services and tools you need to work on a variety of jobs—and you can manage it all in one place.

Performance, control and flexibility

Go where your business takes you.

Tap into new markets before your competitors do with a cloud you can count on. Our platform provides a powerful network, dependable performance and strong security. So whether you’re expanding across town or to the other side of the world, you have a range of secure and reliable compute options, including virtual private and private cloud, hosted in our data centers or yours. And, you can easily pair your cloud with traditional IT or colocation environments. Deploy your applications and store your data where it makes sense and easily manage everything on a single console.

Enterprise cloud insight and information

Cloud technologies are shaking things up in organizations across all industries. See how they can impact your business.

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Cloud security

Strengthen defenses inside and outside your cloud.

Data and applications are your company’s lifeline. That’s why we’ve taken the primary barrier to cloud adoption—lack of confidence—off the table. When you use our cloud computing services, you automatically get in-depth security expertise built on insight from our Cyber Intelligence Center. In our Security Operation Centers (SOCs) located around the globe, we analyze an average of 61 billion security events each year to understand the risks you face and defend your cloud against them.

Learn more about what we do to help you manage and protect against risks in the cloud.

Security Overview of Verizon Cloud White Paper

Discover why enterprise cloud security is no longer a barrier to cloud adoption.

Find out how Verizon Cloud’s layered-security approach helps protect your sensitive data as you expand globally.

Read the white paper

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Physical and logical security

Get layers of security to protect your cloud.

Cloud security starts with the physical servers in the data center. Our facilities are built specifically for cloud and feature backup power and cooling systems to keep servers operating. Your first line of defense includes on-site security features like access control and security training for data center employees.

Beyond the walls of the data center, strong logical security controls protect your cloud. These controls protect your software with firewalls and role-based access controls.

And, we add various support tools built to help you address your governance, risk and compliance requirements.

Security standards

Protect your most sensitive data and apps.

You can select a solution that helps you address your security requirements. Choose products and services with ISO 27001 or FedRAMP certifications, SSAE-16 examinations or those that are HIPAA-ready (these vary by product/service and data center).

Managed services and Secure Cloud Interconnect

Spot threats quickly with Managed Security Services.

Be proactive with your cloud security. We can help identify areas of weakness and prioritize threats by working with you to refine your IT security policies and increase your threat visibility. With our Managed Security Services, we monitor network traffic and security logs to help protect your business from potential attackers.

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Connect multiple clouds with our secure private network.

For many companies, not all data and applications reside in a single cloud. If you’re struggling to manage cloud resources from multiple vendors, our Secure Cloud Interconnect services can help. You can connect multiple clouds from a variety of providers to our Private IP network to create an integrated solution. The reliability, speed and diversity of our network provide a secure, high-performing environment to manage your diverse cloud needs in one place.

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Intelligent Cloud Control

Manage workloads smarter with Intelligent Cloud Control

Now managing workloads with one or multiple cloud service providers is even easier with Verizon Intelligent Cloud Control powered by Turbonomic. This advanced service is available with select CSPs* to help you automate your decisions about running workloads on public cloud services—all based on your specific performance, price and resource needs. Intelligent Cloud Control puts your apps where they need to be to improve productivity across your enterprise.

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*Please consult with your Verizon representative to find out if Intelligent Cloud Control is available with your current cloud service provider.

Cloud industry solutions

Easily adapt the cloud to your industry.

Competition is fierce. Innovation is imperative. We can help you solve your IT challenges and get back to reaching new customers and driving results. With our cloud computing services, you can tailor solutions to match your business goals, application needs and security policies. And our teams have the industry expertise to implement the right mix of cloud services to help make you more productive, efficient and competitive. Learn more about the cloud solutions we have for your industry:

Public sector




Financial services





Media and entertainment


Services and/or features are not available in all countries/locations, and may be procured from in-country providers in select countries. We continue to expand our service availability around the world. Please consult your Verizon Enterprise Solutions representative for service availability. Contact us