Cloud disaster recovery solutions

Don’t let downtime take you down.

Protecting your cloud is one thing—being able to use it despite natural disasters, service disruptions or plain-old human error is another. Without a solution in place, unexpected disruptions could mean angry customers and a painful loss in revenue. Avoid this with a secure and cost-effective plan B. Our cloud disaster recovery helps your business stay up and running. Replicate your cloud workloads to a secondary data center and activate it if your main site becomes unavailable. We make disaster recovery fast, easy and affordable, so you are prepared for the unexpected.


Disasters are complicated. Recovery is simple.

Complex infrastructure, numerous applications and growing amounts of online data are nearly impossible to manage when your systems go down. Bounce back quickly by having your complete cloud environment waiting on reserve in another location. With cloud-based disaster recovery, copies of your applications and data receive regular updates—making sure that whatever you do in production is maintained in the recovery site. We do this by bringing everything you need for disaster recovery in one simple solution:

  • Data center infrastructure.
  • Compute and storage resources.
  • Data replication options.
  • Built-in connectivity and security.

Make cloud and continuity go hand-in-hand.

The need to protect your cloud data and applications is undeniable—but you may be concerned about how reliable and secure recovery can be. That’s why our cloud experts work to create the right solution for your disaster recovery. Protect your workloads while controlling costs; manage your complex cloud environments; and access on-demand recovery resources whenever you need. Our cloud-based disaster recovery help make business-as-usual, business-as-usual.

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Key features

With our disaster recovery services, you can:

  • Scale cloud disaster recovery resources as your business grows.
  • Replicate your applications without investing in infrastructure.
  • Configure and activate a fully functional environment in minutes after a failure.
  • Provide burst-enabled disaster recovery for fast response to increase in demand.
  • Isolate resources using private or virtual private clouds.
  • Provide private connections between primary and secondary sites.
  • Encrypt your data.
  • Adjust recovery point objectives and capacity reservation to fit your needs.
  • Enjoy simple and predictable pricing.

Keep your business up and running.

See how our defense and continuity solutions help you prepare for the unexpected and keep your business going after a disaster.

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