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Create a winning combination of IT solutions and services.

The digital age presents new challenges for IT. How do you create and develop a unified infrastructure? How do you make sure users have access to data and applications when and where they need it? IT solutions and services can help you design a hybrid IT environment that delivers results. We have a fast, secure and diverse network backed by an enterprise-grade cloud platform. Through Verizon-owned or partner data centers around the globe, we have the solutions to help keep everything secure.

Trust our experience to deliver the digital world.

You demand more from your technology. It should deliver. Today’s business demands the flexibility to merge cloud with traditional physical environments and systems. But how do you get everything working together so you can move quickly to address new opportunities? We have secure cloud and hybrid IT services that help unify every part of your infrastructure, backed by service level agreements (SLAs) based on the capabilities you need.

Our network, IT cloud solutions and hybrid IT infrastructure services are built for today’s business needs and those in the future. These integrated IT solutions can help you:

  • Break down silos and access data and applications more quickly so you can easily manage a scalable IT infrastructure.
  • Easily integrate all your systems—cloud, legacy infrastructure or colocation—and control operating costs.
  • Deliver and manage a secure and scalable infrastructure.
  • Modernize your global infrastructure and manage a flexible cloud platform.
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Multiple services; one environment.
That drives better business agility.

With so many IT solutions to keep track of, most enterprises are taking a hybrid approach to manage their apps and data. Hybrid IT leverages an automated, IT-as-a-service model to bring together cloud, legacy and colocation services.

Hybrid IT solutions and services make use of public, private, managed services and bare-metal environments so you get a flexible and reliable infrastructure. This lets you take advantage of what you’ve already deployed, plus, you also get fast and secure connectivity to partner and third-party cloud solutions.

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Managed Services

Do what you do best. We’ve got you covered.

What if you could get IT support and flexible, reliable infrastructure all in one place? With Managed Services, you can. Our powerful IT infrastructure services give you the right amount of support, so you can deliver better business results and control costs.

We provide managed IT services that can meet the most demanding requirements of enterprises and government agencies. We leverage top-tier facilities—located around the world—with high-level physical security, resilient power and environmental controls. Offered through Verizon and trusted partners, these data centers provide massive and diverse connectivity to some of the most important global networks. Plus, if you have apps with specialized hardware requirements, our hybrid IT services can help you take advantage of our colocation services to meet those needs.

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A cloud that’s as unique as your business

No two enterprises are alike. So why are you using a “one-size-fits-all” cloud? Get exactly what your business needs with cloud IT solutions and services built with your needs in mind—whether that’s cloud, managed IT services, colocation or a hybrid combination. You can connect your enterprise using reliable networking solutions that power today’s hybrid IT models, enabling a cohesive, multi-cloud environment to securely connect globally dispersed customers and partners. They’re also deployed and backed by experienced professional services and secured by one of the industry’s most respected security providers.

Host your most important applications, connect workloads to Verizon Cloud or colocation services, or link your existing IT solutions with Secure Cloud Interconnect. Our highly experienced professional services team can provide you with the support you need, virtually anywhere in the world. Plus, we’re a global carrier with a history of providing premium managed services and support recognized in the industry as among the best.

How can you integrate cloud, on-premises and colocation?

Sixty-three percent of organizations think a hybrid IT approach is the answer. Are you among them? Find out more in the new report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

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About Verizon Cloud

Verizon Cloud in action

We offer a range of flexible data center, cloud and hybrid IT infrastructure services that scale to fit your business needs now and in the future. Our expansive portfolio of IT services and solutions help support your application workloads virtually anywhere in the world, based on workload-specific requirements, using hybrid connectivity, flexible portability and open accessibility. We can also help you address compliance with data sovereignty requirements that may crop up.

Like many enterprises, you probably use a combination of cloud and dedicated integrated IT environments for your business applications. Our networking IT solutions and services can deliver a true hybrid environment and offer fast, secure connectivity. You can link managed services to Verizon Cloud, our colocation services, a third-party provider or even to your existing integrated IT solutions using IT services like our Unified Datacenter Interconnect and Secure Cloud Interconnect.

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Cloud Data Assurance Services

We’ve got your back(up).

Your IT infrastructure has a bit of everything: physical servers, virtual servers, cloud-based IT solutions. You name it, it’s in there. When the unexpected happens, are you ready to protect it all? The same integrated IT infrastructure that powers your business should also protect your critical data.

Meet your plan B: Verizon Cloud Data Assurance Services. We can help you mitigate the risk of downtime and recover quickly after a disruption. We use data virtualization to combine all your data protection technologies into one, making operations simple and data management fast. When an outage does happen, business can be restored quickly.

Learn more about cloud solutions backup and recovery options.

Verizon Cloud Backup

Get easy-to-use backup and data protection across your on-premises, virtualized and cloud workloads. Choose from three cloud backup services for the option that’s right for your business.

  • Our Utility Cloud Backup service fits variable-use workloads with short data-volume retentions.
  • If you want predictable monthly charges and longer retention, our Protect service is your best bet.
  • If you have large data-volume and high physical security needs with custom data retention, our Premises-to-Cloud service is the solution you want.

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Verizon Cloud Disaster Recovery

Replicate your Verizon Cloud workloads to a secondary data center and activate them if your main site isn’t available. We offer simple and predictable pricing options. Plus, all your data and apps get updated regularly. So everything in production is quickly available and configured in the fully functional recovery site if your primary resources are interrupted.

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Colocation Services

Storage space and services that grow with your business.

While the cloud is the backbone for many of your enterprise applications, not all applications are designed for the cloud. You may have apps that use specialized or high-performance hardware. Or you could be using legacy hardware or software that’s still useful. Technology keeps changing and facility upgrades can be expensive and challenging. How do you keep up while helping your globally dispersed customers and partners stay securely connected?

Stay ahead of the upgrade curve with Colocation Services. We can help you:

  • Design a hybrid solution that seamlessly connects dedicated equipment with your other cloud and managed services.
  • Deploy dedicated IT infrastructure around the world through our own or partner data centers.
  • Scale data center space up or down and access diverse networks with options for carrier connectivity.
  • Tailor application performance with software defined networks and virtualize critical network functions for agile, automated solutions.
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Advanced data centers

Our Verizon-owned and partner data centers can easily and quickly scale to support your server and storage needs—even as they change. We also have options built around an “as-a-service” model, which means you can run yo¬ur IT services as operating expenses (OPEX), instead of capital expenses (CAPEX). Plus, with on-site service and remote-monitoring tools, managing complex integrated IT systems becomes much easier.

Locations around the world

What about customers scattered across the globe? Our Colocation Services can help you reach them too. You’ll get access to a network of enterprise-grade data centers with dedicated space in secure facilities. These data centers deliver reliable performance and connectivity that let you reach new and existing customers around the world, accelerate the delivery of dynamic content and improve user experiences.

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Example Use Cases

We’ve created use case examples that show you exactly how our cloud IT solutions and services can fit into your infrastructure and help solve your specific business challenges.

We help large enterprises like yours:

  • Power important software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions using existing IT services investments.
  • Link people and places around the globe with critical networking, voice and cloud-enabled business systems.
  • Improve business agility and manage risk with cloud-enabled IT consolidation and disaster recovery plans.
  • Connect thousands of retail locations and help protect operations from outdated technology with scalable cloud IT solutions.

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The Verizon Advantage

When it comes to IT solutions and services, we’ve got you covered. Our IT solutions provide secure connectivity to cloud providers in locations around the world. We deliver cloud and hybrid IT services using data centers across four continents, so you can tap into the power of the cloud nearly anywhere business takes you.

For managed services, we bring more than 15 years’ experience in managing complex environments, with thousands of servers under our management care. Plus, our managed IT services are used—and trusted—by several federal government agencies and many of the leading companies behind Web 2.0.

Our colocation services provide a solid foundation for your IT infrastructure services.

Choosing Verizon as your IT solutions and services provider, you’ll get the latest tools that help ease the day-to-day management of your network and infrastructure, so you can stay focused on running your business.

Services and/or features are not available in all countries/locations, and may be procured from in-country providers in select countries. We continue to expand our service availability around the world. Please consult your Verizon Enterprise Solutions representative for service availability. Contact us