Cloud deployment models

Get the right cloud for the right job.

Architecting the right cloud solution takes more than just deciding between public and private. To get the most bang for your buck, you have to match your applications to the right solution. That’s why we offer virtual private and private cloud deployment models. And, we can help you manage multiple configurations at once for a truly hybrid solution that meets each workload’s unique requirements.


Master complex business challenges with simple
cloud control.

Don’t make cloud computing more difficult than it has to be. Take the work out of managing your workloads with a single cloud console that controls everything. Set up, view, manage and automate your applications in one place, with one cloud space or as many as you need to support various demands. Better yet, adapt quickly to market changes by adding resources when you need them and removing them when you don’t. With control over your cloud, you are set to take on business challenges today—and in the future.

Looking to automate your workloads? Our Application Programming Interface makes it easy.

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All of your systems, in sync.

Boost efficiency by making sure your systems are in sync. Our Cloud API helps workloads talk to the underlying cloud infrastructure, so you can automate tasks and integrate cloud resources into your applications and tools. Set thresholds in your monitoring system to start up new virtual machines and shut down unnecessary services when needed. With the Cloud API, you can set any cloud management function to run on its own—and free up your time for more critical IT tasks.

Private space in a public setting with virtual private cloud.

Want the speed of public cloud, but need more flexibility? Our virtual private cloud gives you fast, cost-efficient access to cloud compute resources—but your workloads are separated from others for added protection. Plus, you can customize setup and increase support.

Need to manage more than one virtual private cloud space? Our console lets you separate projects, grant access to different teams, and see usage on a per-project basis.

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Advanced features

Your cloud, your call.

You make the decisions when it comes to your virtual private cloud settings. Run your applications in environments customized to support them. We give you a range of configurations, features and service options to match unique workload requirements, including:

  • Built-in software or dedicated firewalls and load balancers where you modify and create rules as needed.
  • Value-adds like snapshots, cloning, template management and VM import/export.
  • Access to support and management tools like self-service monitoring, patching and backup
  • Access to levels of support services with custom options for critical workloads
  • Private networking connections with Secure Cloud Interconnect.

Governance, risk, compliance

Address stringent security standards.

Meeting security requirements for cloud doesn’t have to be a drain on your time and resources. Our governance, risk and compliance experts can help you choose cloud security controls that help you address your business standards and security compliance requirements. Talk to a consultant to find the best solution for your company.

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Maintain control with private cloud.

Get the benefits of cloud computing without giving up control over security. Our private cloud provides the best of both worlds: dedicated resources for processing, memory and storage in an environment dedicated only to you, delivered as a service without the need to spend capital budget on expensive hardware. And our private cloud can be deployed on your premises or ours – which means you choose where and how you want your cloud to be managed.

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Tune your cloud for success.

Once you pick your cloud deployment model, you can fine-tune your environment with personalized settings and features. We have several options for you to choose from when deciding how you want to use your resources. By customizing your cloud to fit your business, it becomes a valuable tool to help your teams work productively and achieve results. You can:

  1. Pay for resources based on what you use, or reserve a pool of resources ahead of time.
  2. Set up your server and reserve performance.
  3. Decide how much bandwidth you need.
  4. Add security controls and firewalls.

If you don’t want to design and manage your cloud on your own, our teams can do it for you. Learn more about our support options.

Cloud services and support

Not quite sure where to start?

Put our teams of experts to work for you. Take advantage of our planning, migration tools and trusted experience to launch your applications in the cloud quickly. Then, pick a support plan that fits your needs. And don’t worry if things change down the road—our solutions come with the flexibility to adjust resources at a moment’s notice.

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Cloud managed services

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