Mobility products and services

Stay competitive and create better customer experiences with mobile-first solutions.


Enterprise mobility services that power the digital workforce.

Enterprise mobility isn’t a new concept. It’s how work gets done today. Traditional notions of “the office” are changing as innovative devices, applications, services and technologies drive a shift toward mobile-first business. Mobility can improve collaboration and problem solving to boost productivity—and that helps you get a jump on the competition. It also helps attract and retain bright professionals, since top talent expects access to consumer-like apps to communicate on the go.

To better serve your customers you need strong wireless connectivity. Without the right infrastructure, even the best collaboration tools fall flat. Our mobility services and solutions are backed by the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, so you can make the most out of a hyper-connected, always-on world.

Workforce productivity

On-demand connectivity for on-the-go collaboration.

Today’s work is connected work no matter where your employees are. But it only happens when they can easily access information on-demand, on the go. With Workforce Productivity mobility services and tools, connecting remote workers to colleagues and applications is quick, secure and intuitive. By making collaboration fast, easy, secure and reliable, your teams can make better decisions, get the job done quicker and accelerate your business growth.

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Enterprise mobility management and security

Protect—and grow—your business with mobility services.

When data is compromised, so is your reputation—and your customers’ confidence. With Enterprise Mobility Management and Security, employees can access sensitive business information on their mobile devices, without compromising security. Stay vigilant and agile with a wireless workforce that operates seamlessly, under the cover of solid security.

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Simplify connectivity with easy-to-use enterprise mobility devices.

Don’t miss the point of virtual collaboration. Your customers don’t need complicated hardware to reach the cloud. Help them realize the full benefits of connected work with enterprise mobility devices that are as simple to use as a personal smartphone or tablet. Because successful mobile-first companies put users first—and that puts businesses on top.

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