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Outpace the speed and sophistication of would-be attackers. As one of the world’s leaders in security, we can help you prepare, recognize cyber-attack trends, and, when necessary, respond quickly to contain the effects.

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Managed Certificate Services

Manage user and device identities to HELP SECURE YOUR SYSTEMS AND DATA.

Your machines are talking. And what they're communicating is sensitive company and customer data that must be protected while keeping your business operating at full speed. Help mitigate security threats to your enterprise’s devices, machines, and data by adding secure access measures to your people and machine-based operations.

Our Managed Certificate Services help you efficiently manage user and device identities across multiple systems and applications. Its digital certificate technology lets you manage access to secure information and proprietary systems, helping you prevent data breaches—even in an era of highly mobile workers and connected machines.

A single sign-on process that uses digital certificates to verify users and machines connecting to your enterprise gives you easy, yet secure authentication and data protection capabilities for your network, devices, business applications, services, and other IT resources.

Managed Certificate Services offer:

  • Cloud-based identity management
  • A central location to manage user, device, and machine access to resources
  • A secure connection between your devices and the enterprise
  • Usage-based pricing plans
  • Specific deployment options based on your business needs
  • A web-based portal to easily order large volumes of certificates as needed

If your organization requires a physical method or process to use resources or gain entry into your facility, we also provide Smart Credential Services. These services deliver identity verification through the use of physical smart cards or USB tokens. You can add these measures to your enterprise to manage secure, physical access to buildings, workstations and networks, or online systems that require a high degree of identity assurance. Plus, you may use these services to create one secure physical credential to permit access to any number of systems, resources, or facilities.

Deliver controlled, reliable access to buildings, networks, systems, and information.
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Managed Certificate Services Fact Sheet
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  • Draw on the intelligence of security professionals.

    Manage your security health and compliance using intelligence provided by our RISK Team, and strengthen your apps and infrastructure with independent testing from ICSA Labs.

  • Speak with an expert fluent in security.

    Strengthen your operations with a proven partner—monitoring more than 500 million security incidents on average each year. We can help you protect your digital assets.

Services and/or features are not available in all countries/locations, and may be procured from in-country providers in select countries. We continue to expand our service availability around the world. Please consult your Verizon Enterprise Solutions representative for service availability. Contact us