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Outpace the speed and sophistication of would-be attackers. As one of the world’s leaders in security, we can help you prepare, recognize cyber-attack trends, and, when necessary, respond quickly to contain the effects.

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Risk and Compliance Management

Address security requirements, and MANAGE RISK EFFICIENTLY.

Protect your customers and address security requirements maintaining a high-quality risk management and compliance program. Security compliance is more than developing policies, satisfying internal audits, and conforming to industry standards. It’s about having a deep understanding of risk and how to manage it. It’s also about establishing and assessing the right controls that support a comprehensive security plan. Finally, it’s about collecting and communicating this information to facilitate corporate governance.

Start by focusing on your highest areas of risk first, to help identify, assess, and close the security holes that can damage you the most. We’ll work with you on issues that can make governance, risk, and compliance challenging: continually changing security regulations and standards, differences in interpretations, oftentimes isolated compliance efforts, lack of hard risk metrics, and inconsistent oversight and governance processes. Our risk management experts are uniquely qualified to help you address security regulations and industry standards, establish key risk and compliance metrics, implement continuous and consistent processes, and ultimately put in place both cutting-edge and cost-effective security practices.

  • Know your risks. Get the 2015 DBIR.

    Explore evolving threat patterns in the 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), identify security risks facing your enterprise, and quantify the impact of a data breach on your business.

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    Strengthen your operations with a proven partner—monitoring more than 500 million security incidents on average each year. We can help you protect your digital assets.

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