Demand more than cloud: solutions for innovation.


Cloud solutions for your business

Stay ahead of the competition with a cloud that fits your business.

Respond quickly to change. Reach more customers. Drive innovation. To transform your business with cloud, you need to unlock its potential across your enterprise. Get the cloud you need, tailored to your business and backed by our leading security services, network and expertise.

Cloud use cases

All things cloud, all right here.

Don’t lose sleep over the how to’s of integrating cloud into your infrastructure. Custom fit our flexible cloud solutions to your current infrastructure and security requirements to get your applications up and running fast. Expand services or add-ons when you need more power or capacity and cut back when you don’t. Whether you want to build new applications or make the most of existing IT investments, our teams are ready to support you with cloud solutions for:

Enterprise development and test

Multi-tier web applications

Specialized cloud workloads

Digital media and data storage solutions

Accelerated content

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Built for enterprise

Compete to win on a platform built with the enterprise.

It’s no secret that it takes speed and power to stay ahead of the competition. You can get it with a cloud platform that delivers the large-scale agility, flexibility, automation, and infrastructure management that big business demands. Complex deployments? Unique requirements? Need your data locked up with strong security? Our enterprise cloud platform can handle what you throw at it.

In fact, we’ve helped thousands of enterprises and governments around the world deliver on cloud strategies that help make them faster and drive their business forward. Learn more about how our cloud solutions are built to give you the competitive edge you need to win.

Enterprise-class services

Not quite sure where to start?

Make our expert team part of your team. Take advantage of our migration tools and trusted experience to get your cloud off the ground sooner rather than later. Simply pick the level of support you need right now knowing that our solutions for business come with the flexibility to make changes at a moment’s notice.

Cloud onboarding and professional services

Cloud managed services

One-cloud solution

Turn-key task management, all on one platform.

Stop running your production applications in one cloud and developing them in another. Our solutions for business bring all of your IT tasks together on one platform. This means you have the services and tools you need to work on a variety of jobs—and you can manage it all in one place.

Built for Enterprise

Performance, control and flexibility

Go where your business takes you.

Tap into new markets before your competitors do with cloud and storage you can count on. Our platform provides a powerful network, dependable performance and strong security. So whether you’re expanding across town or to the other side of the world, you have a range of secure and reliable compute options, including public, virtual private and private cloud, hosted in our data centers or yours. And, you can easily pair your cloud with traditional IT or colocation environments. Deploy your applications and store your data where it makes sense and easily manage everything on a single console.

Cloud security

Strengthen your defenses from one end to the other.

Data and applications are your company’s lifeline. That’s why we’ve taken the primary barrier to cloud adoption—lack of confidence—off the table. When you use our cloud, you automatically get in-depth security expertise built on insight from our Cyber Intelligence Center. There, we monitor an average of 550 million security incidents each year to understand the risks you face and defend your cloud against them.

Learn more about what we do to help you manage and protect against risks in the cloud.

Physical and logical security

Security standards

Protect your most sensitive data and applications.

Work in the cloud and manage your business standards. We can help you match your solution with requirements for security governance, risk and compliance. Choose products and services with ISO 27001, SSAE-16, PCI-DDS, or FedRAMP certifications or HIPAA-ready.

Managed services and Secure Cloud Interconnect

Spot threats quickly with managed security services.

Be proactive with your cloud security. Identify areas of weakness and prioritize threats by refining your IT security policies and increasing your threat visibility. Our managed security services enable you to monitor network traffic and security logs to help keep your business safe from potential attackers.

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Connect multiple clouds to our secure private network.

For many companies, not all data and applications reside in a single cloud. If you are struggling to manage cloud resources from multiple vendors, our Secure Cloud Interconnect services can help. You can connect multiple clouds from a variety of providers to our Private IP network to create one integrated solution. The reliability, speed and diversity of our network provides a secure, high-performing environment to manage your diverse cloud needs in one place.

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Cloud industry solutions

Cloud is a recognized accelerator for industry.

Competition is fierce. You need to be innovative. We can help you solve your IT challenges and get back to driving results and reaching new customers. With our cloud platform, you can tailor solutions to match your business goals, application needs and security policies. And our teams have the industry expertise to help you find the right mix of cloud services to make you more productive, efficient and competitive. Learn more about the cloud solutions we have for your industry: