State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud Report 2016

Cloud is now business as usual. Are you a skeptic or a native?

Today, it’s rare to find a company that isn’t using cloud in some way. But as adoption has matured, the types of cloud strategies have grown. We’ve identified three cloud personas; which one matches you best?

From skeptic to native, which of our three cloud personas best describes your cloud strategy? Download our latest cloud report to learn about the latest trends and how they’re affecting companies like yours.

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  • Cloud is now an integral part of enterprise IT. Which persona best matches your approach?

  • Our latest cloud report finds that 94 percent of companies expect more than a quarter of their workloads to be in the cloud within two years. The cloud is now business as usual, but companies are using it to transform their business and build sustainable competitive advantage. Find out more about how the market’s changing and how we think your company can get more from its cloud strategy.

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